• Suppliers of Grain Storage Solutions and Pneumatic Transfer Equipment
    Service Providers and Contractors to the Agricultural Sector and Industry
    Landpoint Holdings has been operating since 2001 and is a multi-faceted business
    providing a range of products and services to the agricultural industry
  • Grain Bags
    Bagging your grain is a great alternative to silo storage and freight
    during a busy harvest.

    We offer two types of bags with, the Fieldpak and the Grainvault,
    with lengths of 60, 75 and 90 metres.
  • Grain Bag Loaders
    We have a range of bag loading machines, with imported and Australian
    made machines available, of both the PTO driven and gravity fed variety.
  • Grain Bag Unloaders
    Our range of bag unloaders include the Palou,
    as well as the Australian made K&D unloader.
  • Grain Storage
    • State distributor for GSSA (Grain Storage Systems Australia) Fieldpak Bag
    • Suppliers of the grain bag filling and emptying machines as well as the Easy loader for filling grain bags direct from trucks.
    • Contractors to Farmers, Grain Marketers, Buyers, Feed Mills, Processors, Transporters, Exporters and Importers.
    • Hire Fleet of machines for filling and emptying grain bags available for dry hire as well as under contract.
    • Agents for the Cropscan range of grain analysers including the Cropscan 3000H on header grain analyser, measuring protein, moisture and oil on the go.
    Grain Handling
    • Provider of Pneumatic Transfer equipment (Agri – Vac) to all sectors of the grains industry.
    • Contractors to all sectors of the grains industry.
    • Hire Fleet of Agri – Vacs available for dry hire.
    • Contractors to the live export industry for loading fodder direct onto vessels
  • Other Commodities / Materials Handling
    • Provider of Pneumatic Transfer equipment to Industry and Factories specializing in Sugar, Lime, Plastic Pellets and Resin, Alumina, Sawdust and Cement
    • Contractors to Industry providing Bulk Commodity transfer solutions with equipment and operators
    • Provide complete licenced fumigation services using methyl bromide, phosphine, nitrogen and organic fogging, able to do: