Grain Bagging Machinery Hire & Contracting

grain storage bag for sale

We offer a cost effective solution for Western Australian farmers wanting to store grain, providing the bags, machinery, labour and expertise. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we provide in what we know is the most un-flexible time of year for farmers. Our competitive rates ensure grain bagging remains the most cost effective ways of storing grain. We offer both wet (operators and machinery) and dry (machinery only) hire of both grain loading and unloading machinery.

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This process provides the following important properties

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Mechanical resistance: e.g. Perforation resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Good stretching
  • Internal temperature stability
  • Impermeability
  • Reflection of solar rays
  • Filtration of ultraviolet rays
  • Softness
  • Internal opacity to block out the sunlight

Advantages of storing in grain bags

  • A very low cost per tonne of stored grain.
  • stored grains can be classified regarding its quality and commercial identity (Quality Assurance Control).
  • The capacity of the storage facilities is remarkably increased.
  • It enables you to increase the operative capacity of harvesting.
  • Easy sampling of grains stored by means of a conventional sampler.
  • High-priced freights during harvest season can be avoided.

Grain bags are manufactured from polyethylene through a three or five-layer co-extrusion process, each layer with different and specific properties. These layers are melted, thus producing a single uniform film, inseparable and with great resistance. The polyethylene is 100% virgin resin, to ensure quality and consistency throughout the film. Additives such as titanium dioxide and UV stabilizers are added to the white (external) layer and a high concentration of carbon black is added to the black (internal) layer.


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