The Agromec is an imported Argentinian made machine. It is a heavy duty machine that comes with manual over centre brakes that can be increased or decreased by turning a turnbuckle. The Agromec machine also features an electric winch that is used to lift the bag cradle up onto the machine, thus minimising the amount […]

Grain Bags

Grain bags are manufactured from polyethylene through a three or five-layer co-extrusion process, each layer with different and specific properties. These layers are melted, thus producing a single uniform film, inseparable and with great resistance. The polyethylene is 100% virgin resin, to ensure quality and consistency throughout the film. Additives such as titanium dioxide and […]


The Palou is an Argentinian built bag unloader that is known for its streamlined towing ability The Palou is a relatively newer design and is very simple and quick to change from transport mode into its working position. The Palou unloader has been designed to sit low to the ground, which makes it streamlined for […]