Palou Grain Bag Unloader

Please see the videos below for a step by step tutorial on how to set up and operate the Palou unloader.

Palou Grain Bag Outloader

When you buy grain bagging equipment from us you can rest assured we are there to offer advice and help troubleshoot any questions.

Ease of use and simple design make the Palou Grain Bag Outloader the machine of choice!

When using grain bags as your chosen grain storage system a trusted, easy to use machine to unload the grain bags is essential.

The Palou grain outloader provides an ideal height when operating, the operator can easily check the level of the grain in the grain bag while it is being unloaded.

The Palou grain outloader’s new design technology offers a very simple and quick system to change from transport mode into the working position.

The Palou has been designed to sit low to the ground, making the outloader streamlined for road transport.

As Australian distributor for the Palou you also have the piece of mind knowing all we provide both spare parts and specialist problem solving advice.

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The Palou is an Argentinian built bag unloader that is known for its streamlined towing ability.

Download the Palou Brochure

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