Agromec Grain Bag Inloader

grain silo bag for sale perth
grain silo bag for sale perth

Agromec Grainstor Grain Bagging Machine

The Agromec Inloading machine makes grain bagging easy!

The Agromec Grainstor bagging machine is the machine to purchase when purchasing a trusted grain bagging machine.

Features of the Agromec Include:

  • the winch is used to lift the bag cradle up onto the machine, thus minimising the amount of physical exertion needed to fit the bag by the operator.
  • The machine also features a heavy duty draw bar with multiple hitch settings for adjusting the machine to the right angle.
  • This is a heavy duty grain bagging machine featuring manual over centre brakes that can be increased or decreased by turning a turnbuckle.

Watch our videos to discover how easy grain bagging can be!

Landpoint Holdings also offers grain bagging machines for hire, these can be hired with or without operators.

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The Agromec Grainstor Inloading machine is an imported Argentinian made machine.

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