Damsak Reservoir Warranty

1. Damsak reservoirs carries a five year warranty on workmanship and material, in respect of normal use thereof, provided that:

a) You do not cover or connect anything onto the overflow and breather pipe on top of a 100,000 Litre Damsak or larger capacity Damsak.

2. Landpoint Holdings’ liability to a purchaser of a Damsak reservoir is at the discretion of Landpoint Holdings. However arising, shall be limited to, at Landpoint Holdings’ election:

a) the repair of a Damsak reservoir; or

b) the replacement of a Damsak reservoir. 

For the sake of clarity and for the avoidance of any doubt, this means that Landpoint Holdings shall in no way whatsoever be liable for any damage to, or loss of, the content that the purchaser places or stores in a Damsak. Any loss of, or damage to, the content shall be for the purchaser’s account. 

3. Repairs carried out on a Damsak reservoir by Damsak authorised personnel or agents carry a three month warranty on such repairs.

3.1 Landpoint Holdings shall not be held responsible for any courier fees incurred for returned goods to be repaired.

3.2 All outstanding payments for repairs must to be paid in full before delivery.

4. In certain instances, where Landpoint Holdings deems it necessary, Landpoint Holdings or any of its agents may require a Damsak reservoir to be painted, as may be specified, before the installation thereof is signed off. 

5. It is specifically recorded that the proper operation-and longevity of a Damsak reservoir is dependent on, inter alia, It’s correct installation. Damsak reservoirs thus carry no warranty, whatsoever, if the installation is not signed off as referred to above. 

6. Landpoint Holdings shall not be responsible for the consequence of any misrepresentation made or advice given by its officers, employees, agents or sub-contractors in connection with the installation or use of Damsak reservoirs. The purchaser accepts all such advice at the Purchaser’s risk. 

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