Dual Tine Ripper

Dual Tine Ripper

Radium Engineering saw a need for deep-rip traffic control applications in some parts of South Africa. In cooperation with the former Agricultural Technical Services, Radium embarked on a research and development campaign. Initial testing revealed that ripping in specific soil types, like sandy soils, caused unforeseen complications. When tines penetrated deeper than 500mm, a compaction layer […]


The High-Speed Inline Disc Harrow’s new compact design allows faster and more effective transportation between farms and lands, and was designed to replace Radium Engineering’s traditional Offset Disc Harrow. This practical and versatile machine empowers farmers with more applications in addition to the usual harrow work. The individual disc-units contains the clamp, arm, disc, bearing […]


The Radium PowerRip is all about the effective use of energy. It is a basic, three-point mounted machine that comes in practical sizes to match the available horsepower of most tractors. The machine manoeuvers easily on the headland, thus increasing overall productivity. Weight is transferred to the front wheels of the tractor via the top […]